1. Mould Preparation
Cleaned to ensure in perfect
condition, seven coats hi-tech
mould release applied all over.
2. Gelcoat Application
Three levels of Aqua Guard
gelcoat shimmer finish applied
3. Epoxy Vinyl Ester Applied
Waterproof membrane,
protects from corrosion
and chemical agents.
4. Fibreglass "Skins"
First layer of fibreglass,
[glass & resin]
to create impermeable layer
5. Reinforcing Materials
Divincell sandwich core laminate,
lifting lugs, bond beam wire ties,
all locked in with fibreglass layers.
6. Final Fibreglass Layers
Final coatsfor total strength and
a perfect external finish.

7. Removal from Mould
Finished pool is released from
mould to be in inspected,
8. Inspection & Detailing
Ultrasonic thickness & hardness
testing is completed before
detailing and final inspection.
9. Transport to Customer
Pool is securely loaded ready for
delivery - anywhere throughout
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