Our manufacturing process builds QUALITY in at every stage.

From detailed preparation of the mould, through full production, final detailing, exacting inspection stages, storage and then transport to your site.

At Ocean Reef Pools, we are proud holders of International Certification ESR-2009 for the manufacture of fibreglass in-ground swimming pools. We meet and exceed the requirements of the 2006 International Building Code, the 2006 Residential

Code, and the 1997 Uniform Building Code for the use of world-class construction methods and quality assurance of all our pools.

What all this means – is that you can have complete confidence your Ocean Reef pool has been constructed to the highest standards possible – to provide you with a lifetime of carefree swimming.

  • Non-skid finish moulded into floor of pool
  • Aqua Guard gelcoat shimmer finish
  • Perfect gelcoat surface - everytime
  • Hard wearing, lustrous finish
  • Beautiful shimmer effect
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