Our warranty is clear, comprehensive and designed for your peace of mind.

Ocean Reef Pools warrants to all of its customers that every pool :

• Has been manufactured within strict quality assurance controls and exceeds world standards for strength and durability.

• Has been designated a unique registration number for process control and traceability. This records material usage, wall thickness, hardness levels, production conditions.

• Has been manufactured using the best materials, operating conditions, and production staff who have extensive skill and knowledge in the swimming pool manufacturing industry.

• Is supported by a 25 year structural warranty, and an 8 year gelcoat colour warranty. Details are in your contract – discuss any matters with your agent or installer.

Some interesting facts

1. Warranty periods vary considerably. Some manufacturers offer “lifetime” warranties which can expire when the property [and the pool] is sold by the original pool owner. The warranty then becomes void, because it doesn’t transfer to the new owner !

2. Others offer a “lifetime warranty” which is actually for a fixed period in the contract eg 5 or 10 years.

3. Some pool manufacturers warranty the pool for the lifetime of the owner !

4. Read the fine print. Ask questions, satisfy yourself as to what the warranty really means.

5. We could say 35 years, or 40, or a “lifetime” – whatever that means. We don’t have to. Our built-in quality, structural and colour warranties can be relied upon.

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